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therapistsMassage Therapy is a wonderful way to take care of your body, mind, and soul. This service is available apart from, or in conjunction with, chiropractic care; should you decide not to receive chiropractic treatment, massage therapy is still available for you in our office.

Our massage therapists are professionals, trained and licensed in the state of Louisiana, with experience treating a variety of muscular ailments for pain relief; as well as relaxation and conditioning for athletes.

For those requiring deeper pressure for relaxation, our Deep Tissue massage is made for you. Consisting of concentrated yet soothing techniques that reach beyond the surface of your muscles to the deeper layers, this treatment helps relieve muscle soreness, decreases muscle tightness, and improves muscle tone—among a myriad of other benefits.

Those who seek pain relief from specific ailments or injuries may prefer a Neuro-muscular massage. This type of massage is more therapeutic in nature, as it addresses specific problems in the musculature. The goal of Neuro-muscular Therapy is to provide lasting pain relief, and to re-educate muscles to function properly. This is achieved through the use of deep massage, which releases the neuro-muscular system to restore function. This technique is based on the knowledge of the communication between the brain and the muscles. NMT is intended to facilitate that communication, and promote the delivery of vital nutrients to the muscles in need.

For the athlete and weekend warrior, we offer Sports massage. This type of massage is geared to treat the specific needs of an athlete or person with an active lifestyle. Whether you seek quick recovery or injury prevention, our skilled therapists can personalize a plan for you. No matter what sport you play, we can help you get there; before or after the event, we can help you achieve your athletic goal.