Capital City Chiropractic offers the following chiropractic therapy options:

  • Electrical Stimulation: This modality is done by applying a minor, controlled amount of electrical current with the purpose of blocking pain, decreasing muscle spasms, and increasing blood circulation, all things essential to promoting the healing process of damaged or injured tissue.
  • Ultrasound: This treatment works by producing light ultrasonic waves to increase blood circulation and stimulate healing.
  • Combination: When electrical stimulation and ultrasound to reduce inflammation, increase blood flow and stimulate healing.
  • Traction: Restoring motion to the spine using a rolling motion to gently push the muscles closest to the spine into a position where they stretch.
  • Hydrotherapy: Through the use of moist heat or cold compresses, we help to increase circulation to muscles in need as well as stop inflammation in injured areas to speed up the natural healing process.